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Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury or RSI is a term used to describe a multitude of musculo-skeletal disorders including tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Vibration White Finger (VWF) and frozen shoulder – all caused by the repetitive movements of joints or muscles over a prolonged period.

RSI claims often arise because of symptoms such as pain, swelling or stiffness in the hand and wrist areas, caused by repetitive work.

Often associated with office tasks like typing, it can be quite hard to make successful repetitive strain injury claims due to the need to prove the personal injury was caused by the work environment. Nowadays, the prevalence of computers in the home means it isn’t solely at work when repetitive tasks like typing emails and documents occur – similarly, many people have work-loaned laptops and smartphones to work on outside of office hours, but determining whether this use or from personal use on individual’s own gadgets contributed to symptoms is difficult.
This is why it’s important you speak to a repetitive strain injury claims solicitor who will advise you on your case and talk you through the options open to you.

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

Also referred to as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD) repetitive strain injuries can be caused by working with equipment that vibrates, or in a poor working environment including one with a cool temperature and insufficient rest breaks – as well as the more common cause of keyboard use.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure workers are kept safe in their place of work and to make sure the systems of work are safe also. This means employers are responsible for taking precautionary measures including encouraging you to take breaks away from your computer, making sure your desk and equipment are set up correctly, that you are aware of the risks of RSI and told to notify your employers the moment you develop RSI symptoms.

If these measures are not in place at your work, then you may be able to make an RSI compensation claim against your employer.

Although symptoms of repetitive strain injuries vary from person to person, they can be severe enough to prevent you from working. If you’re currently concerned you may have RSI or are unable to work because of a repetitive strain injury, you should speak to our personal injury solicitors today who will do everything possible to secure a successful outcome for your RSI claims.

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