Latest PIP Study Puts Pressure On Government To Remove Implants

PIP Breast Implants

The PIP breast implants that contain industrial-grade silicone not meant for medical use should be removed from the affected 50,000 British women, according to leading doctors and following the findings of the latest study.

For many women in the UK the stress they’ve had to endure because of the substandard silicone used in their breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) has been unbearable. Since the scandal broke in 2011, PIP victims have been fighting to have their implants removed – and now a new medical study has emphasised the health risks these women face, prompting top doctors to call on the government to remove all affected implants.

Previous investigations have highlighted the fact PIP implants are not toxic but they are twice as likely to rupture compared to other brands of implants.

The problem for women desperate to have their PIP implants removed and replaced is that the NHS will only pay for the procedure if medical professionals state there is a “clinical need” and the private clinic that fitted them refuses to help. In the UK around 95% of women had their implants fitted privately and only a small handful is eligible for replacement implants on the NHS.

This latest study, carried out by researchers from the Royal Free Hospital in North London, investigated 18 PIP implants removed from patients between January and March 2012 including testing the strength of the outer shells. The casings were found to be “significantly weaker” than other makes of implants.

Weaker casings mean silicone could leak into victims’ bodies, with individuals who’ve experienced this reporting lumps and pains in their breasts and swollen lymph nodes.

Of the 50,000 women in the UK who’ve had the PIP implants with substandard silicone fitted, the vast majority are still trying to find a way to have them removed without incurring costs. While there is now further pressure on the government to take the pleas of affected women seriously and for the NHS to remove the faulty implants for free, this ongoing emotional strain of not knowing whether the implants will leak or rupture must be great – and if you’re in this situation, you should contact a PIP breast implant claims specialist for advice and guidance on securing the compensation you deserve.  After all, medical negligence is serious.

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