Who deals with my claim?

We have a team of specialist personal injury solicitors.  Each of whom has extensive experience in handling a wide variety of personal injury claims.  We are not a claims management company, you’ll receive legal advice and guidance from your own designated specialist solicitor who will work with you every step of the way. 

Who deals with my claim?

How long does an accident claim take?

Each case is different and individual to the client we are dealing with, therefore we cannot give you a set time limit, although we will always advise you at the outset of any claim what the claims process will involve. Some cases can take a long time to settle. The solicitors at Personal Injury Solicitor always act in the best interests of our clients and will always look to establish the full extent of your injuries before settling your claim.

How long does an accident  claim take?

What information do you need to make an accident/injury compensation claim?
If you have suffered an injury following an accident that wasn’t your fault and you decide to make a claim for compensation, the information you can supply may be limited in certain circumstances. In an ideal situation when first speaking to us try and have the following information:

•    Photographs of the place where the accident occurred. Take some pictures of the accident scene, whether this was at work or in a road traffic accident. Ideally, you may be able to take photographs immediately after the accident, though this is often not possible. Ideally photographs should have a dated object in it (such as a current newspaper) and be accompanied by notes about what each picture shows.

•    If you are not too badly injured to do so, it is useful to make notes about the accident as soon as it has happened. Not only will this help the important details stick in your mind but the notes themselves will be helpful to your solicitor. Include as many details as you can about the event, including the names and addresses of people who were around to witness it;

•    If you hurt your foot or back, for example falling into a pot hole or tripping over an uneven pavement, take photographs showing the depth of the hazard (using a ruler to show clearly the depth) – ideally before someone fills the hole in or sorts the pavement out!

•    If your accident was at work you need to be able to give our solicitor information about Health and Safety practices and procedures. Have you had adequate training? Were procedures followed? Was safety equipment supplied and was there enough to go around? This background picture is essential for solicitors to set the scene for injury compensation claims.

•    If you had treatment immediately after the accident mention this, as the notes from the doctor or hospital consultation will be useful for compensation claims.

•    Keep receipts for all prescriptions, medicines or anything else you buy or pay for because of your accident or injuries.  For example, if you have to travel to see medical specialists keep the receipts for the journeys. Other financial details that are useful for compensation claims include payslips and proof how much the accident may have cost you in lost earnings.

Remember if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident that isn’t your fault telephone us on 0800 998 1990, the Personal Injury Experts as we can give you free advice on making a claim for compensation.

What information do you need to make an accident/injury compensation claim?

Why Should I make a Claim For Medical Negligence
If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence that has left you with a personal injury, it’s important you make a claim for compensation. Whether your injuries are physical, psychological or both, we appreciate you are probably experiencing feelings of shock and disbelief on top of the pain caused, as you’ve been let down by the one profession you should be able to trust – the medical profession.

While cases of medical negligence are thankfully rare, unfortunately they do happen. And the consequences can be devastating, ranging from poor clinical aftercare trauma to paralysis from surgical error.

Medical negligence can arise from an incorrect action or lack of action by a medical professional or from sub-standard care that leads to an injury, such as:

•    Missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
•    Cosmetic surgery complications
•    Medication errors that cause side effects
•    Injuries arising from hospital neglect
•    Surgical mistakes
•    Childbirth injuries to mother or baby

Why make a medical negligence claim?

•    The individual doctor, surgeon or nurse may be unaware of the consequences of their actions or inactions. Making a claim will ensure that lessons can be learnt, improvements can be made and any necessary safety measures put in place to prevent others suffering like you have.

•    You need financial compensation to pay for your medical care and associated costs to-date as well as for any long-term support you may need.

•    We make the claims process as easy and straightforward as possible, handling your case sensitively and efficiently. Our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis so you don’t pay a penny regardless of the outcome of your case and you keep 100% of the compensation if successful. We take care of all the paperwork, keeping stress to a minimum while pursuing the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

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