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Asbestos Claims

The many dangers of asbestos exposure are well known today and asbestos has been regulated in the UK for many years. However, the effects of working with asbestos or being exposed to it are often only felt decades afterwards, meaning there are lots of people suffering from an asbestos related illness today.

If you’ve been exposed to asbestos in your previous work or are suffering from an asbestos related illness, you have a right to make asbestos claims or mesothelioma claims for personal injury compensation.

Asbestos Related Industrial Diseases 

The natural mineral was commonly used for insulation purposes and workers within the manufacturing and construction industries in particular were commonly exposed to asbestos fibres in the past.

This is why previous employers who worked in ship building, vehicle repair, power plants, and building sites often make mesothelioma claims and why there are a number of asbestos claims in the brick industry in general.

Asbestos related industrial diseases can take up to five decades to develop, which is why people are still suffering from asbestos exposure today.

There are many different types of asbestos diseases:
Asbestosis – This disease is often caused by long-term exposure to asbestos fibres. The inhalation of asbestos dust over many years can cause, decades later, the lungs to contract making breathing difficult. Other complications of asbestosis include increased risk of developing lung cancer, and if you are suffering from this disease you may be entitled to asbestosis compensation.

Mesothelioma – This is an asbestos related cancer normally caused by exposure to asbestos at work. However, as mesothelioma can be triggered by inhaling asbestos particles in large or small amounts, sometimes it can occur if you lived near to an asbestos-manufacturing plant or came into contact with people who worked with asbestos. Symptoms include shortness of breath and chest pains, and often don’t develop until at least 20 years after initial exposure.

Lung cancer – Your risk of developing lung cancer is increased by asbestos exposure, and it often takes more than two decades after the initial exposure for the disease to develop.
Pleural thickening – Asbestos exposure can lead to the thickening of the pleura, which surrounds your lungs and lines your rib cage, making it difficult to breathe and causing breathlessness.

Making Asbestos Claims and Mesothelioma Claims

If you believe you are suffering from an asbestos related illness such as asbestosis or mesothelioma as a result of your previous employer’s negligence, you have a right to claim for asbestos compensation.

Similarly, if you’ve been exposed to asbestos and want to find out if you can make asbestos claims, asbestosis claims or mesothelioma claims for personal injury compensation, get in touch with our specialist solicitors today.

Your claim will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and handled with sensitivity, and should you decide to work with our asbestos claims solicitor you’ll receive 100% of the compensation if your case is successful thanks to our No Win No Fee policy.

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