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Acoustic Shock Compensation

Acoustic shock is a condition largely associated with call centre workers and employees in telephone or radio-based roles, that affects a person’s hearing, impacting on both their physical and psychological wellbeing. Caused by a high-intensity sound or a high-pitch noise through a telephone or radio headset that makes you wince at the time but can lead to long-term or permanent hearing impairment, acoustic shock is a real risk and a painful injury for many people.

The type of hearing damage that acoustic shock can cause includes:

·        Tinnitus


·        Hyperacusis or heightened sensitivity to sounds


·        Permanent damage to your hearing

Hearing impairment has a big impact on an individual’s life, creating physical and emotional stress and making life difficult to cope with. Everyday sounds can become unbearably loud or you might struggle to make sense of the world as you can no longer hear properly – work may become harder to cope with or you may not be able to work anymore.

You will need to seek medical treatment in order to manage your acoustic shock. Compensation could give you the best possible chance of recovery as well as ease the financial implications of suffering from a personal injury, such as medical costs and loss of income.

Why Make An Acoustic Shock Claim

According to the Health and Safety at Work Act employees should be protected from health risks in the workplace and it is the responsibility of employers to minimise and protect staff from potential dangers. This includes precautionary measures to prevent acoustic shock.

Acoustic shock is a condition that should not occur if workers are suitably protected, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If measures are in place to minimise and manage noise risk, employees shouldn’t suffer from this personal injury. Training should also be given to staff members who handle calls, to spot when acoustic shock happens and how to report such an incident. Your employer has failed in its duty of care if you weren’t properly protected, and you could be entitled to make an acoustic shock claim for compensation.

At Personal Injury Solicitor we have the expertise to handle acoustic shock claims, and will work hard to identify the cause of your hearing impairment and to create a strong case for your compensation claim. As well as securing you the maximum amount of compensation for your acoustic shock, we will do everything possible to ensure you receive the best medical care to help you on the road to recovery.

For free and impartial legal advice, why not speak with one of our specialist acoustic shock claims solicitors? Call us today on 0800 998 1990.


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